January 11, 2009

I cry when I watch "Made" on MTV.

I don't know what it is... but I always get a little teary-eyed when I watch Made on MTV. And, yes — I've seen most of them. I've spent many a Saturday morning in bed watching 2 or 3 episodes in a row (and usually getting my husband sucked in at some point, as well, even after he pretends he's too cool to watch. Big faker).

If you've never seen Made, you're missing out. I promise it's not just another MTV "reality" show (yes, the quotes are definitely intentional). It's a documentary-style show, and each episode focuses on a high school/college age kid who wants to be "made" into something — a hip hop dancer, homecoming queen, a cheerleader, BMX bike rider, rockstar, opera singer — whatever. The hour-long show basically follows the 6+ week journey it takes the kid to reach their goal with the help of a coach... usually someone who has to dole out a little tough love when the kid becomes a whiney little brat who wants to throw in the towel. Ultimately, it shows the learning process that takes place, the kid figures out a little bit of who they are, and they come out of the whole thing a stronger, more confident person, even if they didn't reach their ultimate goal.

I know I'm an emotional person and all, but man, does this show get me. I mean, remember how much high school sucked sometimes? Remember how out of place you could feel, and how much you wanted to cry when someone just wouldn't believe in you or take you seriously? There's something about those kids striving for something, and along the way learning some major lessons about life, that just gets me all verklempt. The episodes that really get me are the ones where the really socially awkward nerdy kids want to become a "ladies man" or homecoming king or something of the like... when really, the only thing they want is just to be accepted as a normal kid who has friends and isn't made fun of. They usually figure out about 7/8 through their journey that reaching their ultimate goal isn't what's important; it's the invaluable lessons learned along the way that they will really take away from it all. Ah, to be young and confused again. Sigh...

Any other grown "adults" (yes, the quotes are definitely intentional) out there who want to admit to watching this show, and being as emotionally sappy as I am while watching?


  1. Ok, so I don't cry, but I am just like you every Saturday morning with this show! I mainly sit there watching what they make some of these kids do, socially, to get out there and I'm thinking, "I never would have had the guts to do that!"

  2. Mrs. Onion here! This is too funny because my friend/bridemaid is the producer for MADE. She's produced about 3-4 episodes now (finishing up the most recent in a few days. I've only ever seen it on-line b/c we don't have TV.

  3. That's so cool, Mrs. Onion! Does she enjoy working on the show?


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