April 21, 2010

Number 38: temporary husband substitute

I've been working on number 38 on my 101 in 1001 list lately:

38. Have fresh flowers at home for 4 weeks

It is amazing how much fresh flowers can boost my spirit. Nick has been out of town for the last ten days for work training (did I tell you all that he started a new job last month? Changes all around for us!), and I've been missing him a lot. He'll be home Friday and I can't wait — the schmoopy factor is off the charts and we need to be reunited, already!

Anyhow, I took a walk to Trader Joe's yesterday to pick up a few things, and I couldn't resist when I walked in and saw a bunch of ranunculus for $4.99. They're my favorite flower and they remind me of our wedding day, so they'll help to tide me over until Nick gets home. Aren't they pretty?


  1. Very pretty! I love ranunculus too, but didn't get them in my wedding. Something about September not being the right month, or not fitting with my florist's vision, or something. I got some for my birthday on Saturday though. :)

  2. Gorgeous blooms! I had to throw out our flowers yesterday and I'm already itching to get some new ones for our table. Sigh...if only TJ wasn't two hours from me now.

  3. Spectacular! I just love ranunculus so much too, and also made them part of my wedding flowers (I always want to say ranunculi: is that wrong? LOL).

    I've been meaning to bring flowers home too for a while...I think Wesley would enjoy some of their loveliness inside the home.

  4. @justaddshoes - our wedding was in September, too, and I didn't get my hopes up for ranunculus because I had heard they were out of season, but my florist said it wasn't a problem. Still don't know how that worked out!

    @Jessica Lynn - this might actually be the first time I got flowers at our local TJs -- I usually get regular grocery store blooms and they're always great!

    @thehighernest - I always want to say ranunculi, too! Is it still ranunculus when it's plural?? The small mysteries of life, hehe.

  5. oh ranunculous, how i love thee! that last pic is just GORGEOUS!

  6. Those flowers are so beautiful! I saw ranunculus at Whole Foods this weekend and was tempted to buy some too!

  7. Those are absolutly beautiful! And what a great deal :)


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