April 4, 2010

hop, hop.

Our Easter weekend was filled with making the apartment pretty for my in-laws, a family party in Lancaster, an egg-hunt for the kiddies, too much food, egg dyeing, church, lounging in the sunshine with a good book, and even more good food.

photos by me

The eggs are a bit imperfect, but I still love how colorful they are. The dye doesn't cover them as evenly when they're cold because there is still condensation creeping through; next year I have to remember to let them get to room temperature before we break out the PAAS.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love your bright eggs! The best way though is to make two holes and then blow the yolks out. Am I the only one who does it that way? I taught Liam last year- it's great because they never go bad!

  2. I have heard of that method, but have never tried it... we've always used hard boiled eggs! I guess I like the ability to still be able to eat them after dyeing them :) Also see: "Brooke is cheap and doesn't want to waste eggs." Lame, I know.

  3. I love colorful eggs! The weather was glorious here today, and I saw all these kids out and about on egg hunts in the neighborhood. So jealous!


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