August 3, 2009

wedding blog fibbers

Words that should be used more carefully when describing weddings:




Even though our wedding was almost a year ago (srsly??) I still read a lot of wedding blogs because I work in the wedding industry. I can't tell you how often I read that a wedding has "effortless charm" or is so "simple and sweet" or has such "casual elegance," when in reality, more often than not, a team of creative professionals were hired to make things look so "effortless" and "simple" and "casual." Either that, or you know that the bride and groom had to put a lot of thought and time into the look and style they were going for, and in my book, thought+time=effort. Can we stop making other brides feel like crap for spending months on end refining all of their details? Can we stop pretending that all of these gorgeous weddings just fell into place?

I am all for making things look effortless; but wedding blogs, please stop telling us that the details were effortless to put together. We are onto you, and you're not fooling us anymore!

Tangent over. Just had to get that out of my system :-)


  1. Lol definitely! I hate that too...

  2. Now that you point it out, I realize that there are an overabundance of blog who do this all the time. Icky! I'm not believing them for one second.

  3. THANK YOU! This has been driving me nuts! Especially because our wedding is going to look "simple" and "casual" as they are so fond of saying but it's sure as hell not effortless!

  4. I love this rant (and could not agree more). I bet most beautiful weddings were planned with some tears shed at some point in the process. Not sure what is effortless about tears.

  5. SUCH a good point! Unless they mean it was "effortless" for the couple, who hired a huge staff of planners/vendors to carry it off....

  6. Thank you! Everytime I saw those words while I was planning my own wedding, I got SO frustrated!!!

  7. Here here! We don't all have Martha Stewart's styling team in our back pockets!

    And as someone who works to make things 'look' effortless, it would be nice to get some credit somewhere ;)


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