December 31, 2008

Fancy Mood Swings

The lovely Kelly of one of my favorite blogs, Design Crush, posted about this gorgeous jewelry she stumbled upon over at Mood Swing Studio. I swooned over the photos, but immediately assumed they were pricey pieces.... I am rarely wrong (hehe), but I clicked on over there and found that they're actually quite reasonable!

I love aqua and orange together... this necklace (currently out of stock) is $48

This amazing wreath necklace (also out of stock at the moment) is $44

How cool is this necklace? Only $40.60 (on sale, down from $58)

I love the "going steady" pendant on this necklace, $30.80 (on sale, originally $44)

What a cool vintage image made into a necklace -- $15.40 (on sale, originally $22)

I know, I know — just because they're reasonably priced doesn't mean I can buy any with our current financial situation. But as soon as my money tree starts spouting twenties, I think I'll go for the wreath necklace... or the "going steady" necklace... or maybe both...

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  1. you are very sweet!!!! xoxo and happy 2009.

    kristen (aka mood swing)


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