December 18, 2008

that whole "grown-up" thing

I've been toying with the idea of this blog for a while now. I never had a blog until I discovered Weddingbee, which inspired me to immediately begin a wedding blog with the hopes of becoming a "bee." Somehow, that scheme worked, and I have spent the last year writing all about my wedding plans and creative projects for the big day for millions of readers. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world in Blogland, and now that my wedding is over (and, in due time, so will be my wedding recaps on the 'bee), I have been looking to create another outlet for all of my random thoughts and inspired ideas. And so, Claremont Road was born.

I hope for this to become a place where I can share my adventures in adulthood as I try to learn how to cook (one of these days), keep a cozy home, save money to buy a house someday, decorate said house without a single item from my college abode, and do all-around grown-up things. I will also share any creative projects that I may have up my sleeve, inspired ideas that I find online, scoop on my favorite tv shows and movies, and a little pop culture news every once in a while. A healthy cornucopia of content, dontcha think?

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