June 18, 2009

SYTYCD | week 2 elimination

The show opened with a routine to "Higher Ground" that was certainly different from the one I know and love from Center Stage (anyone, anyone??). It was cool, but weird, in a Mia Michaels kind of way. She so crazy.

I loved Cat's white tuxedo, but I am NOT impressed with the musical performances this season. Yuck to lip syncing. Fast-forward. Let's get to the good stuff.

I was on the mark with two out of the three bottom couples (Caitlin and Jason, Ashley and Kupono), but I was very surprised that Kayla and Max were included in the bottom as well. And I am really shocked that Ashley was sent home. While I thought all of the girls had strong solos, I feel like the judges overlooked how the girls have performed throughout the competition. Caitlin is strong in solos, but I don't think she partners well and it brings attention to her off timing. I thought she was the weakest of the three, and I'm sad to see Ashley go :-( I really wanted her to go far.

While I never would have imagined Max would go home, when put up against incredible forces like Jason and Kupono, I can see why he left. I mean, really, they are three spectacular dancers — how does one choose? I thought he had a lot of promise, but the ballroom guys usually get cut earlier in the competition because they're not as versatile in other styles... maybe we'll see him as a pro on DWTS in the future.

And then, there were 16. I think this competition is only going to get tighter and tighter! We shall see what next week holds. What did you think of this week's elimination?


  1. OH MAN. That lip snycing was hands down awful. I had to get up and walk away.

    I'm getting to the point where I'm not going to be happy to see anyone go.

  2. I LOVE Center Stage! Still watch it all the time. I think there is Dance Movie coming out (if not out already) and they poke fun at it.

  3. It was SUCH a rough elimination last night. The judges love caitlin though....they seemed to overlook her being a little behind at points during the Bollywood last week.

    I was shocked about Max...didn't want to lose either of the two guys but wow.

    I was amazed (and a little sad) that Max and Kayla were even in the bottom when I would have gone with Phillip and his partner!


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