December 13, 2009

behold, the golden Christmas boot

Every family has their Christmas traditions. There are the decorations and ornaments that have been handed down from generation to generation, recipes that are carefully prepared each year, holiday movies that are watched and songs that are sung. One of my most prized Christmas traditions?

The Christmas boot.

Isn't it delightful(ly tacky) and gloriously spectacular? Some years ago, my Nana was going through her Christmas decorations and passing some things along to me to decorate my new apartment. When she asked me if I wanted the golden ceramic Christmas boot, complete with fake poinsettia flowers bursting from the top, I did not hesitate for a second. Indeed, Nana — I want. that. BOOT!

I don't remember her ever displaying the boot during the holidays, but I have made sure to put it on display each year since she became mine (all mine!). It never fails to make me giggle at its quirkiness and flashiness, and it makes me think of my sharp, eccentric, gold-loving Nana. She passed away in 2008, but her memory surely lives on...

Through the golden Christmas boot.


  1. My family has a random decoration that we look forward to putting out (and simultaneously kind of hate) as well. We call it scary tree elf and my sister and I (both in our twenties now) still fight over who gets to be the one to put scary tree elf on the tree and where. Sometimes the gaudy stuff is the most fun I think!

  2. We were gifted an oldy & ugly Santa with his tree from my lovely aunt last year that served as our first married Christmas tree. My hubby thought it was a joke when I brought it home because it was so dusty and played music way out of tune. But, we grew to love it and since we have a more grown up tree this year, we put the Santa & his tree from my aunt on our front porch. And don't ya know, some jerk stole it!? Anyway, your boot made me think of our Santa & his tree so just had to share.

    P.S. My aunt heard about our theft, and showed up the other day with a new and improved Santa (that believe it or not is uglier, haha) but is now sitting in the garden window of our kitchen so this time people passing our house can see, but not touch. :)

  3. How have I never seen this? I love it and the reminder of Nana is so spot-on. A little glitzy and a little crazy but always so stylish.

    I know John is thankful that she never offered it to him!! He's on overload trying to put the kabash on my xmas decorating..


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