December 31, 2009

in the last ten years...

Can you believe it is almost 2010?? It feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the year 2000. It seems to have flown by rather quickly, yet when I begin to reflect on what has happened the last ten years, it all adds up to quite a decade.

In the last ten years, I...
  • traveled outside of the US for the first time (London, Rome, and Paris in 2001)
  • got mono (on the tail end of above trip... fun)
  • lived in and did my internship in NYC, just months after 9/11
  • co-choreographed my first (and only) musical ("Cabaret," in case you were wondering... but that's a story for another day...)
  • graduated from college (go Blue Hens!)
  • got my first job
  • joined Friendster
  • leased my first car — Cindy the Civic :-)
  • got my second job — a place I hated but lead me to a friendship with the girl who would later be the reason I met my husband
  • moved out of my mom's house and into the city (Philly) with my best friend
  • got my third job, a design position at a University
  • met the boy who would later become my husband at a Halloween party
  • fell in love
  • moved out of my first apartment with a roommate and into my first apartment alone
  • lived alone for an entire year and loved it
  • got rid of Friendster and joined MySpace
  • fell down half a flight of stairs (sober!!) and broke my middle right toe — klutz supreme
  • saw my oldest friend whom I've known since birth get married and have TWO children! (Hi, Jilly! :-)
  • saw dozens of other friends and family members get married and have kids
  • bought a car for the first time — Cindy II!
  • experienced a terrible scare when my mom was hit by a drunk driver (also a story for another day)
  • lived with a boy for the first time
  • got engaged to aforementioned boy
  • got my fourth (current) job
  • went to New Orleans Jazz Fest for the first time
  • said goodbye to a few family members, including the only grandmother I've ever known
  • ditched MySpace and joined Facebook
  • planned a wedding
  • started blogging about our wedding
  • got married
  • went to a tropical island for the first time on our honeymoon (Antigua!)
  • deemed Pat's the better cheesesteak over Geno's
  • visited Boston and saw the Red Sox play at Fenway Park
  • visited Chicago and saw the Cubs play at Wrigley Field
  • took Nick to his first Mummers Parade
  • joined Twitter
  • got on national television via The Today Show
  • saw a handful of spectacular Broadway shows
  • attended countless concerts
  • went on my first (and definitely, definitely my last) game show
  • met 35+ bee friends
  • cheered from my living room as the Phillies won the 2008 World Series
  • cheered from the stands as the Phillies won the 2009 NLCS
  • started this blog
So... what have you done over the last ten years?

(PS- Happy New Year's Eve!)


  1. That's a fantastic recap of a decade! Very cool :)

  2. I would like to hear more about the game show!

  3. That's a great recap! I agree that Pat's is better than Gino's but my dad argues that Jim's is the best.
    Happy New Year Brooke!

  4. What a great decade for you! And what a great list idea -- love this idea so much I just may steal it. ;)

  5. Thanks, all -- happy new year!

    @Erin... we'll see ;-)

  6. Sounds like it's been quite a good decade for you. Excited to see where the next 10 takes us!

  7. Aww, I love this post, what a great idea!

  8. It will be great to watch NLCS: Philadelphia Phillies, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.


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