February 3, 2010

Brent Couchman is my hero

I've mentioned about 72 times on this blog that I am a superfan of Fossil. I love their branding, their packaging, their clothing, and their accessories. Brent Couchman is one of the ├╝ber talented fellows behind Fossil's branding design... and I think it's safe to say that I love him.

In addition to designing for Fossil, check out some of his other beautiful works of art.

It strikes me that no two images are totally alike, yet his very defined style and knack for color is clearly apparent in every piece. I aspire to someday produce work this refined and wonderful.

all images via brentcouchman.com and Brent's Flickr


  1. I love the holiday cards. And I actually thought of you when I went to the Fossil Outlet Store last ;)

  2. Ooh thank you :) I aspire to live up to their style!

  3. My mom is a a Fossil lover as well & I actually designed their guest room using Fossil tins, paired with all of her original Beatles memorabilia, as inspiration! I'll have to post it on my blog sometime :)


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