May 24, 2010

bet your bottom dollar

I think it's time I share with you all the secret to my marriage. Well, maybe it's not the only secret to staying happy and minimizing conflict, but as equally stubborn Leos, it is one that Nick and I use often, and it works like a charm. It is...

the dollar bet.

That's right: whenever Nick and I disagree over a fact-based matter, we bet a dollar that one of us has the right answer. If it's something that IMDB, Wikipedia, or Google can clear up for us, we bet a hundred cents, and all arguments cease. We break out the iPhones and when one of us wins (ahem, usually me), the other can't argue — he just has to hand over a buck and wallow in his wrongness. We even bet a dollar on the racing Septa bus competition (Red! No, blue!) that is shown on the jumbotron at Phillies games. It's silly, but I have to say that winning a dollar is the ultimate satisfaction, because you have something to show for your victory. And believe me, we each like to gloat when we prove the other wrong. We're very mature.

I only wish that when we started making dollar bets (years ago... I don't even know how long we've been doing it), we had started keeping track of who wins each bet. I am pretty sure I'd be in the lead...

What's your method for squashing disagreements?


  1. That is hilariously awesome! I may need to start doing this with my husband... thanks for the idea! haha

  2. We go to our blackberries first, but then one of us insists that Wikipedia or Google is wrong and we call the ultimate authority...our parents. We've called my mom or his step-dad to settle almost every argument we've ever had. Including the one that started with him insisting that you "seep" tea. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

  3. Very clever! Do you actually follow through each time and hand over the George Washington?

  4. @l'ananas, absolutely, we follow through! That's part of the fun of winning... having the other person hand over a crisp dollar bill :)

  5. We do the dollar bet too although nobody every pays... Probably a good thing for me because I would be broke...


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