May 17, 2010

Monday music, vol. 16: Here Comes the Sun

Every Monday, I'll be sharing a pick-me-up song with the hopes of helping you begin your week on a positive note. Happy Monday!

Spring seems to have finally arrived in the northeast (after some back-and-forth "is it winter or is it summer?" confusion). Here comes the sun.


  1. This is definitely in my top 5 all-time favorite songs ever. Hmm. Maybe top 3. LOVE!

    Also, I have to tell you... yesterday in the final push of the 5k race I was running, when I felt like I was going to die, "I've Got My Mind Set on You" came on my ipod (got it a few weeks ago on your rec), and it totally energized me for that last couple of minutes. Yay!

  2. I'd give ANYTHING to see John Lennon live. he died 24 days before I was born. Boo. We werent even on the planet at the same time.


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