November 1, 2009

the Drapers

We're big fans of Mad Men on AMC, so we decided to be Don and Betty Draper for Halloween this year. We were both able to pull our costumes together mostly with things we already owned, so that always makes it more fun for me than getting something store-bought that comes in one package. Oh, and I look pretty funny in a blonde wig with my super dark eyebrows (which I attempted to make more blonde-ish with yellow makeup, but succeeded instead at making them sort of green), but I don't mind adding a silly factor.

Nick bought the Fedora at Target; I bought the wig and white gloves at Halloween Adventure; we already owned everything else. I wore two skirts underneath my dress to give it a fuller 60s look without spending money on a petticoat.

What did you dress up as for Halloween? Do you go the store-bought-in-one-fell-swoop or pulled-together-on-your-own route?


  1. We didn't dress up this year, but I totally love your costumes!!

  2. You guys look awesome! Hubs and I went as Daft Punk. Don't you just LOVE halloween?!

  3. You guys look ADORABLE! My husband and I are both feeling under the weather (and he starts his new job today) so we decided to stay in and...sleep. Fun times!

  4. YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE! Oh you guys, you're so Betty and Don. :)

  5. Love it! We thought about being Don & Betty too!


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