November 22, 2009

my dream Christmas list

Where did November go? Wasn't Halloween just yesterday?? I'm having a difficult time believing that Thanksgiving is almost upon us and, before we know it, December will be rearing it's (much chillier) head.

I'm attempting to think about my holiday shopping in advance this year so I'm not a stress-ball the week before Santa arrives on his sleigh. The problem is that in looking for ideas for others, I start dreaming about everything I want for myself. And unfortunately, everything I want is something I will continue to want because I can't afford it. And I would never expect anyone I know to buy these things for me, either... but it's fun to dream, right?

Brooke's dream Christmas list

1. A digital SLR

My little Panasonic Lumix TZ-5 is an amazing little point-and-shoot, but I am DY-ING for a real camera, with fabulous lenses, to boot. My ultimate goal is to have one by the time we have our first kid so we can capture every googly, drooly, poop-and-puke-filled moment with amazing clarity. But I'm impatient and I want it now, Daddy!

2. A 27" iMac

I love my MacBook Pro, but some projects would be so much nicer to work on with a larger screen. And it will come in super handy when editing the photos taken on the aforementioned hypothetical DSLR. Plus, it's pretty. I'm a designerd, and I like pretty Mac computers. So there.

3. A new winter wardrobe
I'm a fan of Fossil and Anthropologie, in case anyone wants to know...

(left: Fossil, right: Anthro)

4. A stylist
While we're at it, how about we get someone to teach me how to dress myself. I struggle to get creative with my wardrobe and wear trends without feeling self-conscious. Particularly, I'd like someone who can teach me about accessorizing — I'm terrible at accessorizing. If it's not too much to ask, I'd like Stacy and Clinton to be my stylists. I think I could really be BFF's with these two if given the chance.

5. A high-def flat screen
Every time we go to Target for any reason, Nick needs to go hang out by the flat screens for a while. I pretend to be annoyed, but let's face it: I want one, too.

6. A personal trainer
I can't possibly procrastinate or make excuses if I have a trainer kicking my ass into shape. Bring it, Jillian.

7. A house
Hey... go big or go home, right?

What's on your dream Christmas list?


  1. Have you thought about getting a lower-end SLR to upgrade later, as a combined gift from everyone? That was what I wound up doing -- I just have a Rebel XS, with the intentions of upgrading perhaps when we have children in several years, but I figured this way, I will be completely comfortable with the camera in the meantime and still get to take great pictures. I received mine last year for Hanukkah as a combined gift from my parents, my MIL, and my husband's aunts and uncles. My husband spread the word that it was what I wanted, and everyone contributed Amazon gift cards, so I had less than $50 of the cost to cover myself (and then my husband treated me to the sub-$100 50mm 1.8 lens.

    If we are talking about dream wish lists, mine is full of non-tangible items; a first-author paper from the lab, completing my Ph.D., and living under the same roof as my husband!

  2. did you know jcrew has personal stylists you can see? i had no idea until recently. amazing i think.

  3. My husband and I make an actual Christmas List every year. We use cardstock and markers and draw Christmas themed pictures to decorate the list. Okay fine, I force my hubs to sit down and do it - but he does it. I think this proves he finds pleasure in whipping out markers and dreaming about what he wants.

  4. Accessorizing is my big struggle as well. I've started buying up necklace/earring combos instead of just buying one and then struggling to find someone in my jewelry box that matches. I'd love to build up a collection that my daughters can drool over, even if it is all costume stuff!

    Then there are hats, scarves, purses, brooches, bracelets, rings, hair things, on and on. I so admire the women I see who always look fabulously put together!

  5. I want a camera so badly too!

  6. list looks nearly identical to yours... I also asked for a "paid" shopping trip with the stylist that I found so that I can shop guilt free!

  7. Drool. too! All of it.

    I love that you posted Stacy and Clinton. I'm not a fashion victim, but I could still use plenty of style tips. As far as the house, its in the works for us. I might not have it for Christmas, but I should have it by next summer :)

  8. um, your wish list is my wish list! [except substitute maternity clothes for the cute anthro wardrobe.]

  9. oh, and minus the flat screen, unless it's going to go in the nursery :]


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