November 17, 2009

Jillian Michaels is trying to kill me

Okay... so she's not actually trying to kill me. But her 30 Day Shred may do just that.

I have heard about the Shred for a while now. In the land of brides, it was pretty much everywhere, but I never looked into it or tried it. It just sounded intimidating.

But then I kept hearing about it. Again and again and again. And I'd look into buying it, but I'm cheap and I didn't want to spend the money on the DVD. And then... and then... my friend Beth showed me that levels 1 and 2 of the Shred are FREE OnDemand with our Comcast cable service! Free, I tell you!!

I started Shredding (ha) yesterday. And it was hard. And today, my legs were like jello when I was going down the stairs of my apartment after my workout. But I don't think I've ever felt so sore from just a 20-minute workout, so this is definitely my kind of workout: quick and effective.

The hardest part about exercising for me has always been finding the time. I've gotten progressively better at waking up early to work out before work (and I am the farthest thing from a "morning person" you will ever meet); but even so, if I sleep in an extra 10 minutes or so one day, it means I'm either not completing my So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit workout (yes, I own both, and they're super fun) because I have run out of time, or I'm rushing to get to work because I finished the workout but left myself less time to get ready. And while I love my dance workouts, sometimes 40 minutes in the morning just isn't possible, and I usually don't feel like I've done much if I only do it for 20 minutes. Working out in the evenings has become too difficult with my work/life schedule, so it's either mornings or nothing.

Needing to put aside only 20 minutes in the morning for the Shred is certainly a good way to avoid the "I'm too tired" or "I don't have time" excuses. I am putting my faith in Jillian that this may just be the workout that finally helps me drop those extra 8 pounds I've put on since our wedding, without just "phoning it in" at the gym for two hours (her expressions are so silly!). I'll let you know how it goes! (And now, *gulp,* I'll really have to do it, because it's out there in blogland for all to see.)

Do you Shred?


  1. I've tried it for free on my local cable network too and it was great... trying to fit exercising in is always hard. You can do it :)

  2. i tried it through ondemand too! love everything that's available on there. and yeah, i felt like jello too. totally was not expecting that!

    so far i'm having trouble fitting it into my schedule because i shower in the morning, before work, but i like to exercise after work... so then i get gross and want to shower again, but then i just dry out my skin and waste water. so i'll have to do a little rearranging. :)

  3. I love to shred, it's so quick and effective. I haven't done it in a while I really need to get back into it.

  4. Shredding is great for toning up quickly. If you get bored with it, some of her other workouts are on demand more trouble zones and metabolism boost or something like that. But they are 40-60 minutes long, so I usually just do the first 30 minutes. And then can barely walk the next day :)

  5. I just bought it a few weeks ago too! Its hardcore and I hope it works. Keep us posted on how its working for you :)

  6. I have been shredding for over a year...wait until day 4, you'll be even more sore! ;-) With that said, I can now "easily" do all 3 levels of the shred and have worked her other longer and even more hardcore workouts (No More Trouble Zones and Burn Fat Boost Metabolism) into my routines. Those suckers are about 45 minutes long and just as intense as the Shred, but man this woman knows her stuff. Keep it up! You'll love the results!

  7. I shred as well and love it! It's a perfect workout for days when I just don't have time to run at the gym! Good luck!

  8. Love the Shred! My mom turned me on to is this summer - she lost 8 pounds and has never looked better or more toned. I don't do it everyday, but I try and work it in between cardio days at the gym. Good Luck!

    p.s. I love Jillian's quirky remarks "chop-chop ladies!" :)

  9. Ha "phoning it in"... I tried shredding but UGH I hurt after. Need to hop back on that train...

  10. ooh, a SYTYCD workout sounds like fun :)

  11. I'm on day 8 of the Shred (just blogged about it).

    Pros: It's quick and efficient. I can't make the excuse that I don't have time to go to the gym. It's tough. She's a good motivator. I feel stronger already. One Day 1, I couldn't do a push-up. Now I can

    Con: Actually, I've GAINED one pound. I have no intention of bulking up. I hope my gain was just a Thanksgiving blip.

    P.S. I find it helps to stretch a big before.


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