January 22, 2010

forgotten tune: "While You See a Chance"

Until a few years ago, I thought of Steve Winwood only as a guy who knew how to rock the quintessential 80s synthesizer and shoulder-pad-blazer look. It wasn't until my husband turned me on to some of his older music that I realized what a musical genius Winwood is, with amazing songs like "Dear Mr. Fantasy" and "Can't Find My Way Home" in his repertoire. I had no idea that he was only 14 years old when he joined his first band, The Spencer Davis Group, which shot him to fame, and I have learned about the many other bands he has been a part of over the years.

After having a bit more insight into his career, I gave some of his 80s hits a second listen... and I realized that if you can listen past the synthesizers (and really, really strange videos — exhibit A below), he has some really great songs. "While You See a Chance" is one of my favorites that I had forgotten about until I heard it on my drive home from work recently.

Nick and I went to the Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton concert last summer in Philly, and it was, hands down, one of the best concerts I've ever been to (second only to Paul McCartney). Both musicians have only improved with age and we became even more impressed with Winwood after seeing him master so many instruments on stage. He is a rare talent, indeed.


  1. True confession: My dad raced sailboats while I was growing up and the first boat that he purchased of his own he named "Roll With It" after Winwood's song. Then, whenever they were racing and had music on, he'd play the album. Steve Winwood is forever a piece of my childhood :)

  2. That's neat. Eric Clapton is touring again this year!


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