January 5, 2010

a grainy year

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was having trouble narrowing down my favorite 2010 calendars. I had, however, kept coming back to a favorite that I mentioned to my mom, and I was gifted this lovely desk calendar for Christmas:

2010 Pattern Calendar from Night Owl Paper Goods

I am loving the wood grain paper, and I just adore Night Owl's whimsical designs.

Did you find yourself a calendar (or two) to get you through 2010?


  1. SO delicate and pretty- I love it

  2. I love that! I bought the letterpress one from Paper Source but am not sure how to display it in a way that doesn't involve tacks or tape! It sure is pretty though.

  3. I got their calendar last year. I think it's still in my kitchen, probably on July. :) I haven't purchased a calendar for 2010. Maybe if I wait long enough I can get one on super clearance!

  4. How awesome! I still have a favorite to pick out as I am still calendar-less for 2010 :(

  5. Brooke,

    Thank you so much for featuring our 2010 Pattern Calendar, made from eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested wood! We're so happy to see so many people choosing earth-friendly alternatives these days!

    To thank you for your support, we'd like to offer you and your readers 10% off all calendar orders placed before January 15! Check out our selection of calendars at http://bit.ly/4rcqxW and simply enter the coupon code "claremontroad" at checkout.

    Here's to staying on-track while treading more lightly in 2010!


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