February 2, 2009

happy Groundhog Day (from 9-year-old me)

When I was in fourth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Armstrong, gave my class the assignment to write a story about Groundhog Day. I don't remember if the story was supposed to be from the point of view of the groundhog, but mine was (and she was female). It was later entered into a writing competition in my county, and I ended up winning for my school (along with ten other fourth-graders in the county). I still have the book that was given to me that day that includes all of the winning stories, and I thought it would be fun to share my story with you on this Groundhog Day (extraneous exclamation points and all). I think I had a pretty good sense of humor (and imagination) for a 9-year-old. Enjoy! (Story below image)

"Today is My Lucky Day!"
by Brooke C., grade 4

February 2, 1990
Ding! Ding! Ding! What? Oh my! I almost forgot! Today is my lucky day! I've got to look my best for all of those reporters! I've got to brush my teeth, brush my hair, pick out an outfit, polish my finger-nails, polish my toe-nails, pick out a.... wait a second! It's 1:00 AM! I wonder why my alarm went off so early? Oh yeah, I set it to! Well, no use in going to sleep again! Let's see how I look in the mirror this morning. EEAAAK!!!! Look at these bags under my eyes! They look like shopping bags! Come to think of it, I have gotten 3 hours of sleep every night this week!!!!!!!!!

I need some of that brown skin lotion! Oh wait. Thank God! I found it! Uh oh! It's all gone! I will just have to do with these Macy's bags! I think I should paint my finger nails with my shocking pink now. At least there is enough of that left! La! La! La! La! There! Beautiful! Now I should do my toe nails! La! La! La! La! There we have it! Why not pick out an outfit now? Hmmmm......... nope. Not glamorouse enough. Uhhhhh....... nope. Too fancy. Ah ha! This is perfect! My pink robe with the fancy pink feathers! Now let's see. This goes here, this goes here, and this goes here! There! Let's see.........

Now, I should brush all of the fur that can be seen. Boop, boopy doo.... DOOOO! O.K! Now I should brush my teeth. Gull, gull, gull... Pa-toooo!!! Hmmmm..... I need makeup! A little blush maybe. A little here, and a little here! Ah! I just need some of my shocking pink lipstick. Uh huh.... Uh huh.... there we go! Hmmmm..... Let's think..... of course! My purple eye-shadow! Rub here, rub there, rub everywhere! I think that is it! Wait!! I need jewelry! Let's see, a ruby ring, a diamond ring, a gold ring, gold earrings, a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet! There!

Oh my! It's 9:00 AM already! The reporters will be here any minute! O.K. Be calm, be calm. OH! I can't be calm! O.K. I think I can, I think I can. I can! I know I can! Oh my! I hear the reporters outside! They are here? Now? Why?! They are calling me! What can I do?!?! Well, I've spent eight and a half hours getting ready so I've mine as well do it! Well, here it goes!

EEAAAK!!!! Oh my God! What was that black thing?!?!? Wait, I'm just imagining it! O.K. EEAAAK!!!! I saw it again! Well I don't care. I am not going out there again!!......

Ding! Ding! Ding! What? Oh my! What a nightmare I had last night. Oh, well. It's all overwith now! I think I will just brush my fur....... La! La! La! La! There we go! I am so excited! Oh, but wait! I must brush my teeth! Gull, gull, gull! Pa-tooooo! Got it? Good! Well, it sounds like the reporters are outside! Should I do it?! Ya! Why not! Here it goes!....... EEAAAK! I saw it for real this time! Well, the legend says it stays out there for six more weeks! Well, at least I have enough food and drinks to last me six weeks! Well, T.T.F.N! Ta-ta for now!

So.... I liked exclamation points. A LOT. And even at the young age of nine, I enjoyed an ellipsis now and then. And I thought it necessary to end my story with "Ta-ta for now!" Despite those little quirks, though, I think I was a pretty creative writer (with quite the attention to detail). It's actually been a few years since I got this out and read it, and it always makes me laugh.

Hope you enjoyed it :-) And in case you weren't sure, it's.....


  1. I love this!! How stinkin adorable.

    I totally thought you were going for the Groundhog Day movie idea when you woke up and started it all over again... which would have been pretty crafty for a 4th grader :)

  2. That is too hilarious. I too loved the exclamation marks a leetle bit too much... but it took me almost 30 years to figure that out. Ha! :)

  3. So cheery and fun! I love it :)


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