February 10, 2009

On the Turntable: Sondre Lerche/Dan in Real Life Soundtrack

Have you seen Dan in Real Life? It is absolutely charming. I love Steve Carell, and I think he plays the vulnerable character of Dan so well (and it's such a 180 from his unbearable-but-awesomely-politically-incorrect character on The Office). Throughout most of the movie I just want to jump through the screen and give him a big hug.

We recently watched this movie for the third time, and amidst the sweet and funny story, I was reminded of how wonderful the music is.... so I used an Amazon gift card I had lying around and promptly bought the soundtrack. All but one of the songs are performed by Norwegian musician Sondre Lerche, and I love his pure, unique voice and the simple guitar melodies. I have been listening on repeat since I got the CD. (I tend to do that with music I really like!) It's fabulous.

One of my favorite songs is My Hands are Shaking. Have a listen. (Oh yeah, and he ain't so bad looking, either.)

Me like. You like?


  1. Oh i love this song..and him too.

    I am listening to Cory Chisel right now...love his stuff although he does not have too many songs out there right now.

  2. i love love love this album and this song.


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