February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. I'm enjoying a low-key day with my hubby, and we're looking forward to a yummy dinner out tonight at a neighborhood steakhouse. (They have the best wedge salad that we've both been talking about for a few weeks in anticipation of our night out! Obviously, we don't get out much...)

Photo from our rehearsal dinner, September 19, 2008, by Alison Conkin

I love this photo of Nick. It has a vintage quality to it, which I think captures his old-soul personality. (He'll also remind you that he looks extremely handsome here. I can't disagree.)

Happy Valentine's Day, honey. I felt a little giddy finally being able to buy a "for my husband" card at the store the other day. I'm looking forward to a lifetime of purchases like that.

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