April 22, 2009

a desk chair I must have

I rarely (okay, never) sit at my desk when I'm working/surfing the interwebs at home. I always end up on the couch, with my little portable lap desk and MacBook attached to my lap and my feet up on the coffee table. But I've been wanting a comfy and cute desk chair that will inspire me to sit at my desk and work more efficiently (and not just be playing on the computer for no reason at all while watching tv). The chair we currently have is not very cozy.

I have found the adorable desk chair that I want, thanks to Mackenzie Sala of Kenzie Kate (and Something Old, Something New, one of my daily reads), who did a great Q&A on WeddingbeePro. She showed readers her great workspace, which includes this chair:

Mackenzie generously answered my inquiry and I now know that it is the SKRUVSTA swivel chair from Ikea. I don't think I would have looked twice at it on the Ikea website because the colors don't look nearly as vibrant, but now I totally want it.

Hmmm, my birthday is in less than 4 months...

Our "office" (I use that term very, very loosely) also functions as a storage space and a laundry room, with both our washer/dryer and some shelves hidden behind a curtain. I have never really liked the fabric that I used for the curtains (it was on clearance at JoAnn when I first moved in to our apartment almost 5 years ago), so if I get the chair, maybe if I can find some inexpensive coordinating fabric and I can make a whole new room out of it.

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