April 20, 2009

some Easter color

I know I'm a wee bit behind on posting these pictures, but they're so bright and colorful (and today was rainy and miserable) so I figured better late than never.

We spend Easter weekend with my husband's family in Central PA, and one tradition that we will forever partake in is the dyeing of the Easter eggs. We don't get too fancy — PAAS and Doc Hinkle's — but I love the bright colors and the lack of decorating pressure :-) No Martha Stewart aspirations here. Just good ol' pretty and bright eggs.

The eggs below were still a little cold/wet from the refrigerator when we dropped them in the dye, so they came out a little spotty. For next year we have to remember that room temperature eggs work best for consistent color!

Have I mentioned how much I love my little Panasonic Lumix TZ5? It takes such awesome close-ups. It will have to do the job until I can afford a D-SLR.

Even my father-in-law got in on the action! He took his striped design very seriously.

What's your egg dyeing/decorating method of choice?

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