April 23, 2009

owl love

I'm loving owls these days. My grandmother had lots of owl figurines around her home, which I had always noticed through the years, but only more recently since she passed away last July have I taken more interest in them myself. She gave me several of her figurines before she died, and I think it would be nice to continue building the collection. (I know that my brother and sister-in-law have added some owly elements to their home, too!)

This owl pitcher would be such a charming addition to the collection... I think I would use it as a little vase in our entryway.


  1. I always thought owls were cute but I remember bringing one home once years and years ago and my sweet Polish mama was aghast - apparently it's bad luck to have it in your home? Not sure how prevalent this belief is outside Poland though (or even within Poland, for that matter). Yup, owls and peacock feathers. Oops... I just realized I broke that second one in our home.

  2. What a sweet way to remember your grandmother! I've been coveting an owl planter from this etsy shop forever: fruitflypie.etsy.com. I think you might also like the cupcakes :)


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