April 8, 2009

forgotten tune: "Sister Christian"

I thought it would be fun to start featuring "forgotten tunes" every so often — those songs you sort of forget about until you hear them on the radio while driving and feel the need to blast them and belt them out while banging on the steering wheel. (Or is that just me?)

Today's forgotten tune: "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger.

Go ahead. I'll give you a second to crank up your volume. Ready?

And check out those hairdos!

What great "forgotten tune" have you heard lately?


  1. ha! you're right. i wonder how many brain cells in my head are occupied with remembering lyrics to songs like this one.

  2. I actually met one of the members of Night Ranger a few years back! Nicest man imaginable. Mostly, we talked about how his early-teen daughter was about to join him on a trip to NYC and how nerve-wracking it was to let her loose in the big city ... isn't it weird when rock stars go on to become normal people?

    P.S. My forgotten fave = "We Are the World". A little repetitive, but it's fun to try and name/sing along with all the voices after all these years!


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