May 1, 2009

do something NICE

Do you read Operation NICE? I do, and it always gives me warm fuzzies. Melissa, who runs the great blog, has started something wonderful and is constantly trying to spread the seed of nice, and I think it would be really cool if she got something wonderful in return. She is currently trying to win tickets to the Bonnaroo music festival, and I want to help her win. I think you should, too.

All you have to do is read Melissa's post here, follow the link, vote for her, and verify your email address. Or you can take my word for it that her story/photo is a cool one and go right here to vote for Melissa Morris I. Your email address won't be used for anything other than verifying your vote (and your vote doesn't count until you respond to the verification email). Only one vote per email address is permitted.... so if you've got a few, use 'em :-)

I hope she wins!

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