May 26, 2009

forgotten tune: "I Would Do Anything for Love"

Nearing home after a Memorial Day weekend visiting my in-laws, we were growing weary of aggressive and stupid drivers and just ready to be home already. We decided to get some fresh air and roll the windows down/open the sunroof. Moments later, we were treated to a serious forgotten tune... the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, "I Would Do Anything for Love" by Meatloaf. I'm sure Nick was thrilled that I knew every. single. word. and couldn't NOT crank up the volume and belt it out. I think I caught him singing along a few times, too.

Meatloaf - Anything for Love (But I Wont Do That) -

Go ahead. Just try not to sing along. It's impossible, I assure you.

My favorite ridiculous line? "Will you hose me down with holy water if I get too hot?"

HAA! So hysterical. Love it.

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