May 26, 2009

nice to meet you.

I write this blog because I love to write, share fun and interesting findings from the interwebs, share personal experiences as I attempt to become a "grown-up," and I enjoy the blogging community that has come to inspire me on a daily basis. I write this blog for me, but ultimately — I'm not going to lie — it's really nice to get comments, see new followers, and see some jumps in visits in my Google Analytics and Feedburner.

I'm constantly surprised by the posts that get lots of comments, and the posts that get zero comments. I know that my posts are a conglomeration of lots of topics, events, and interests, but I think that keeps things interesting. Ultimately, I'm going to write about whatever inspires me or whatever is going on in my life on any given day... but I'm still interested in getting some feedback from you to maybe help to guide me. Tell me:
  • who are you, what do you do for a living and where are you from?
  • how did you find my blog?
  • what type of my posts interest you the most?
  • what type of my posts interest you the least?
  • what would make this blog more interesting to you?


  1. I adore your blog. All of it. I first found you on Weddingbee, and then somehow made my way to your blog months after. I think we have a lot in common, so while I would like to comment on all of your posts I think you might get tired of me- so I don't comment as often as I'd like to. :)

  2. Hi. :) I remember you from WB, but when I left, I refound your blog through an old link of Ellie's.

    Frankly, I follow your blog for a lot of the same reasons I follow Ellie, Coasting, Tara, N, and others - I don't have any real-life friends who are newly married. It's comforting to hear other people talk about things I've quietly felt and thought during this first year of marriage.

    Also, I love your sense of humor, and it really comes through in many of your posts. I can't say I'd change much about your blog. :)

  3. Thanks for your feedback, Amy and Nancy! I'm humbled that you like my little ol' blog just the way it is. I'm also glad, because I'd probably be too lazy to change much ;-) Hehe.

    Amy, I love return commenters! You're always welcome to comment as much as your little heart desires :-)

  4. hi hi!
    - i'm colleen. i work in HR and i'm from boston.
    - i love love loooved your wedding on weddingbee and found you today via your new bio. (I'm HumarockBride, a hostess on WB)
    - i'm brand new (literally today) to your blog, but i love the randomness! a little bit of everything is what i'd like to see.
    - i'm with Nancy, I don't have many friends who are married (or nearly married like myself) and it's nice to hear about day-to-day trials and triumphs of early married life.

  5. I'm Tina, I'm from San Diego, California. I originally found you through Weddingbee -- I'm not sure how I found your blog off of there, maybe through another WB bride.

    I like that there is something different in every post, I like your sense of style. I have to admit I dislike any post that have video (youtube, etc.) since I'm usually at work (lunch at the desk usually) when I read blogs.

    I really like reading about newlywed life, DIY projects, etc. :)

  6. Hey Brooke, I'm Amy, and I'm a social worker, researcher, and grad student in Oregon. Like many of the commenters above, I found you first on WB and can't quite remember how I originally came to your personal blog. I like to read along because I'm a fan of random newlywed/living blogs. Reading down the topics column on your sidebar, I can honestly say that I'm interested in all of them!

    I remember a while back that you shared a Weight Watchers-friendly recipe... I'm always on the lookout for new ones, so if there's something I'd like to see more of, that might be it. It's nice to "meet" you too.

  7. I'm Allison and I'm a graphic designer for a non-profit living in Las Vegas with my pilot husband. I'm orignally from Indiana.

    I originally found your blog somehow through Weddingbee. I have to admit when I was planning my own wedding, you were one of my favorite bees! I still love keeping up with your recaps over there.

    I enjoy most of the subjects you cover from the more personal to the design related. I would love to know more about you and your husband's healthy meals, etc. I remember you once said you did WW. Anyhow, I love reading about it all – it is neat "getting to know" virtually, of course, people who are living a similar lifestyle as mine, newly married, working as designers, etc. I'm still trying to decide what blogging will be like for me once my recaps are done and so far I like your random take on it! :)

  8. Hello. My name is Cynthia and I live in Redwood City, CA. I started reading your posts on WB, our colors were similar and I really liked your ideas. After my wedding was over I kinda slowly stopped going on WB and found you through Ellie. I crack up at the things you say because I sometimes think the same things, especially the whole 'trying to become a bona fide grown up.' I just like your blog, I can't point out one thing that sticks out more than others. ;o) Anyhoo, hope that helped!

  9. ~Hi, my name is Linda, so you'll see me on here as that, but you might know me better at Lillindy. I'm a teacher from CA, Silicon Valley to be exact.

    ~At the moment I can't remember how exactly I found your blog, but if I remember correctly it was through another blog. Once I realized you were THE Mrs. Cupcake, I couldn't help but keep reading since I love all your posts over at WB.

    ~I don't have a type of post that interests me most or least, all your posts are great, but I try to comment when I have something more to say than "I agree" or "Good idea" or something that might seem uninteresting like that. I like exactly what you do now. I don't have any married or even near married friends, so it's nice to read about someone I feel like I can relate to on that level.

    Keep on doin' what you're doin', I love the blog!

  10. Hi! I'm Meghan from Chicago and I am a high school teacher. I think I might be the only person who did not find you on WeddingBee and I think I found you instead through The Rockstar Diaries or A Cup of Jo - honestly, I don't remember. But I can relate in that I am also figuring out life as a "grown-up" and I love hearing about other people's lives and adventures. I bet my favorite posts have been about your wedding/marriage, because I didn't know you from WB and I am getting married myself in July. Keep up the great work! I love it!

  11. -Alison, teacher in NYC but soon to be North Carolina!
    -Followed you from Weddingbee :)
    -I love all of your posts but especially the ones where I get to see the fellow musical theatre nerd :)

  12. Found your blog through WB. I just got married two weeks ago, live in Colorado and work in marketing. Love your blog.

  13. I'm Krista, aka Mrs. Pinot Noir on WeddingBee! I love reading about the bee's post wedding lives!

  14. I found you because I'm an awesome stalker! Just kidding, I took the boring old weddingbee route just like everyone else... I'm your fellow dessert, Mrs. Tiramisu :)

    Brooke you know I love your blog. It's one of my "ooh she updated, click right over to that one first" blogs. Don't change it :)

  15. Hi, Brooke! I'm not sure how I found your personal blog, but I used to read you on Weddingbee (aka julieulie -- you know, the one who somehow lead you astray to the AWESOME makeup trial that left you looking like a drag queen!). I'm a biochemistry Ph.D. student in DC who will hopefully be heading up your way soon, because my husband is moving to Philly in a few weeks, and we'd like to keep the long-distance marriage to 2 years or less.

    Like many other comments, I enjoy following along with other newlyweds -- and I enjoy the variety show aspect of your blog; you never know just what you're going to find, which keeps it exciting!

  16. I'm Sandy, a lawyer in the Seattle area.

    I followed you from weddingbee and I loved everything about your wedding!

    You and your husband seem so down to earth and as a fellow newlywed it's nice to read about your adventures into this new phase of life as an "adult"

    I enjoy your recipe posts (yummy and doable), fashion finds, and especially any decorating/design tips (I love your style!)

    I would love to see more posts about how you are decorating your place and finding ways to make use out of all those wedding pictures :)

    Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration!

  17. I'm Danielle, and I work in government affairs in Washington, DC. I loved your recaps on Weddingbee and just found your personal blog yesterday on your Weddingbee bio.
    I like following bees post-wedding, and am a fellow newlywed 28 year old so it's fun to read a blog from a similar perspective.
    Your wedding was stunning, so I would love to see more decorating tips!

  18. I'm Christine and I'm an engineering intern at a Petroleum Company in Canada. I, like many others, followed you here from Weddingbee. I also really enjoy following along other newlyweds!

  19. I'm Becca, I'm a medical writer living in Texas, and I sort of "virtually" know you from WB (I gave you Suzy's name for your fantastic groom's cake!). I love all of your posts, but the ones that spur me to comment are your cooking ones. But I'm partial to cooking! =)

  20. Hi Cupcake,

    I'm probably the only male reader ; ) Although I know you from WB, I think I actually found you via Alison Conklin's blog as she was complimenting your Etsy store.

    Anyway, what I like most about your blog is your To-Do list. Brilliant. All of us should have one but more importantly all of us should strive to achieve them.

    I look forward to reading those recaps and of course, the rest of your wedding at WB. Did you end the night celebrating at Fox & Hounds?

  21. Hi, it's Kasia - a,k.a. Mrs Sea Breeze (you can probably guess how I glommed onto your blog, ha.)

    I was just thinking of posting a similar question on my blog! I know what it's like to feel your posts are all over the place and while prximity makes it difficult to identify the "magic link" on my own blog, with yours it's easy - it's your personality.

    The way you write, it's obvious that you're an honest-to-goodness NICE person and that makes it fun to read about what's on your mind 0 whether it's a bag you like or a new song you heard or random newly-married-musings. It also doesn't hurt that you have a great writing style and a good eye for design!

    The only thing I'd change is to have you write more often.

    Oh and I dunno much about Blogspot but are your comments set to default to a Google identity if the reader has one? I always have to sign out of my Google account if I want to comment using a Name/Url instead. I don't do it on other blogspot blogs but I'm not sure how that works.

  22. Thank you for all of the great feedback! I'm really happy to know that the randomness is actually appealing to people :-) I was beginning to feel like I was TOO all over the place!

    @Tina C: it's funny that you mention that, because I often skip other people's blog posts with YouTube videos, so it's kind of silly that I seem to post a bunch!! Ha... But I guess I like music and that's been a fun thing to share. I won't be offended if you don't watch! :-)

    @Amy I: fortunately for me, my husband does pretty much all of the cooking these days while he's still unemployed, but unfortunately that means less cooking posts from me! I will try to whip up something tasty soon to share with you all!

    @Allison: I am a big fan of your blog, too, and I can't wait to read more of your wedding recaps :-)

    @EthidiumBromide: HI julieulie! No worries about the bad makeup trial, it wasn't your fault and it made for a GREAT Weddingbee post :-) I'm glad to hear that you'll be headed up to PA soon... good luck finishing school!

    @Sandy: Thank you! It's funny, while I am comfortable designing, I feel like SUCH a goober when it comes to decorating. We still live in the same apartment I've had for 5 years now, so we're not starting from scratch in terms of redecorating, but I'll try to highlight some little home projects here and there.

    @Becca: Hi! :-)

    @Mario: well you're not the ONLY male reader -- my husband reads too :-) The 101 in 1001 project has been so awesome for me, because I'm a person who functions well with to-do lists guiding me and it's been fun to write about my accomplishments. Glad you like it! Oh, and yes, we did have our wedding after-party at Fox & Hounds! When is your big day?

    @Kasia: Thanks, lady! You're makin' me blush. I will look into the commenting thing... I don't think it's set to Google as a default, but I will check!

  23. Hi Brooke..
    I'm Sara a journalist living in Bethlehem, Pa., but I'm from Lafayette Hill up the road from you in Manayunk and my heart is forever in Philly. I loved your Weddingbee posts (long before I knew where you worked, that you are a Blue Hen, your hubby's name or his love for the Red Sox )since it was so neat to read about someone in places so familiar to me with such a fab wedding.

    But when I realized we had quite a few things in common like being UD alums, having FI/husband's named Nick that are rabid red sox fans, etc. it became even cooler. I also lust after Louella/ two paper dolls products.

    So I was really excited when I stumbled on your blog in your Weddingbee Bio. I love how genuine and nice you are. You have a great "voice" and a nice variety. I also looove your list am inspired to create my own, maybe one with Nick for our marriage.

  24. Hi! Just found this blog today, I'm so excited to read more from you!

    I found you on WeddingBee when I stumbled across it a little more than a month ago. I'm from all over, but went to school in Philly and am now living in Wynnewood and working as an accountant downtown. I'm taking grad classes at Villanova, so am pretty familiar with your neck of the woods and loved reading all about your wedding planning on the Bee.

    I love love love your decorating and design tips, as I'm more of a left-brained girl and need all the help I can get!

  25. Hi, just found your blog today after you followed me on Twitter (by the way, thanks for the follow!). I'm from Chicago and write the wedding blog, "It's A Jaime Thing". ;)

    Being that I just found your blog today, I've so far only gotten through a few of it's fun pages, but I've definitely enjoyed reading it!

    I love the honesty in your writing and your down-to-earth personality that shines through when reading your posts.

    I really don't think there's anything about your blog I for what I'd love to see more of, I do love your design I'm a sucker for anything that screams,"eye candy!" or "I'm creative!" ;)

    Anyhow, keep up the great posts, I look forward to reading more. See you on Twitter! ;)

    Jaime ;)


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