May 28, 2009

DrikaB bags

It's kind of funny how much I talk about bags on this blog considering that I rarely buy them. (I guess when it comes to bags and shoes, we girls are always dreaming.) Recently in the blogosphere I have seen the gorgeous creations of DrikaB on Etsy and after drooling over her bags, I just couldn't help myself any longer... I actually bought one!

I originally wanted this one:

But after hemming and hawing over if I really wanted it, it was already gone when I went to buy it last night :-( I also REALLY loved the larger weekender bag in the same pattern:

... but couldn't justify the pricetag. HOWEVER, today I checked the shop again and found that DrikaB is having a sale! All weekender bags and pouches are 20% off plus free shipping today (May 28). That means the $99 weekender bag was reduced to $79 with free shipping — about as much as the basic tote would have cost with shipping!

I feel like this is a small victory and a nice treat for myself after finalizing a few Etsy sales of my own this month. I can't wait to take this bag to Austin for the HOW Design Conference next month. I'll be stylin' on the plane, that's fo' sho'.

If you love DrikaB's work as much as I do, check out the Shop Live sale hosted by Heart Handmade going on tonight at 7:00 for just 30 minutes for more amazing deals.


  1. The bag is beautiful! Lucky you!!

  2. Oh! I love my Drika bag and always get tons of compliments! It's my go-to travel bag and is great if I want to be super stylie at the Farmer's Market too :-) I hope you enjoy yours!!


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