May 22, 2009

thank goodness...

The greatest reality talent competition in the history of the world is finally back. So You Think You Can Dance, oh how I have missed you!

Nothing beats the raw passion that these dancers have for their craft... it always makes me want to go back to dance class and bust a move. Auditions began airing on last night's premiere and I can't wait to find out who the top 20 dancers are. If last night is any indication, the competition is going to be fierce. And I still think Cat Deeley is the most spectacular, likable and genuine host on television.

The only complaint I've ever had about this show is that it's a summer show... meaning only 1/4 of my year is graced with it's presence and the other 9 months are spent awaiting the next season. Well, it looks like Fox has finally gotten their act together and realized that it's nearly impossible for us superfans to wait 9 months between seasons... after this summer's fifth season, a sixth season will soon follow in the fall! VICTORY!

Any other SYTYCD fans out there? If you don't watch — what's holding you back? (Rather, how can I convince you? :-)


  1. LOVE SYTYCD! Last season was incredible so it will be tough to beat. I still have the episode with Mark and Chelsea dancing to Bleeding Love saved on my TiVo. It still gives me chills!

  2. Little Willow, so funny -- several SYTYCD episodes from last season have been clogging up my DVR since last year because I just can't seem to let go! And "Bleeding Love" is one of my faves that I haven't been able to delete. It's right up there in my faves with "Sweet Dreams" (Sabra and Neil, season 3) and "Sexy Love" (Ivan and Alison, season 2). (Yeah... I really am that much of a nerd.)

    I really wanted Chelsie or Katee to win last season so I was SO elated to see Chelsie as one of the pros on DWTS this season. Even though I usually despise that show b/c the celebrities get accolades for being mediocre (at best), I proudly watched this year to see Chelsie, Lacey, and Dmitri work it SYTYCD-alumni style.

    Okay I really have to stop with the nerdiness. I might just have to write recaps each week once the top 20 is named!

  3. Ok... so we might be TV soulmates. I am addicted to SYTYCD! It's one of my favorite things about summer, and now fall! Can't wait to listen to you dish each week... it's nice to know someone else will be as obsessed as me.

  4. I really like Cat, too! She's got great hair. So glad the show is coming back soon! Not sure my husband is as glad as I am though.


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