May 26, 2009

jon and kate...

Do you watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight? I do... and I was really saddened by last night's episode. It seems like they have thrown in the towel and given up already. Jon, especially, speaks as if they are already done. I don't think I was expecting it to all be so blunt.

Kate is certainly not the easiest person to deal with, I'm sure... but most of the time I give her the benefit of the doubt (although maybe that's a flaw of mine). I feel like if I had eight kids, I'd probably lose my mind fairly often and get a bit snippy, too. I don't know if the fame factor has had more to do with their problems or if it's the fact that they have eight kids and essentially no privacy or normalcy in their lives, but I don't think I blame them for doing the series. If I had eight kids and made a meager salary, lived in a fairly small house, and didn't have a ton of options for financial stability, I'd probably consider the opportunity if it meant being able to buy a more comfortable home and eventually send all eight kids to college someday. But I'm sure they never expected how things would unfold over the years, and I wonder if they regret it all now.

What say you?


  1. I can't believe I missed it last night!!!!! I really like J&K+8, and sort of didn't want to believe the media hype... now I'm going to have to track down last night's episode to watch.

  2. I watched it too! I say the exact same things about Kate's reaction to things. I'm certain I wouldn't be the most pleasant person dealing with two sets of multiples. I was really hoping that the episode would show it was all a media ploy, but instead it made me sad. I hope they can repair the relationship and stay together!

  3. *sigh* Last night's episode made me sad too!! I wonder how this season will play out. Jon & Kate seemed SO distant, I nearly cried when one of the little girls (Alexis??) asked her daddy not to leave again... awww!

  4. Oh I was so sad. Kate doesn't really seem to get it though that she needs to do some reprioritizing, too. They have eight kids... I hope they can reconnect. They need to work something out with TLC to take at least a hiatus from taping!

  5. Definitely, reprioritizing is in order for both of them. I feel like he's going through a mid-life crisis and she's basking in the glory of not being "just a mom" anymore, but a woman with a career. I hope they work it out somehow... but in order to do so they need to REALLY step back and evaluate where things have gone wrong.

  6. Just got around to watching it last night! Kate seemed snottier than normal, especially when talking to the other parents at the party. That bugged me. I still always give Kate the benefit of the doubt, because I feel like if I had 8 kids, I would be a complete and utter psycho. Kate sounded like her main goal in life right now was to keep the show going, despite what it has done to her family life (jon, and extended family included like her brother and jodi). Even her tears seemed like alligator tears, or like "woe is me" tears, more than tears for the wellbeing of her family unit (just my opinion).

    It sounded like a 2 way street... like you said, Jon sounded as if he totally threw in the towel.

    The part that irked me the most was when she said to the kids something along the lines of, "we have to hurry and get out of the car because the paparazzi is here", and then she went on to say that she was bothered by the paparazzi and she doesn't want her kids to be going to school talking about the "paparazzi". Kate, you're the one repeating that word to the children, and over and over on the show. How will the kids NOT pick that up?

    In the end, I really don't appreciate when celebs (pseudo, reality, or not), get so angry/frustrated with paparazzi. Other than the safety issue (like when they're driving), I really don't think they can complain. It's a life they willingly signed up for, and comes along with the territory. You could choose to be a nurse and an IT specialist and live in virtual obscurity, but you did not, so deal with it. Not that you can't think it's annoying, but I really don't appreciate listening to celebs whine about being followed by cameras, especially when cameras are following them already for the show.

  7. Cathleya, you let it all out, girl ;-) After thinking about this a lot over the last few days (because I'm weirdly invested in tv people I don't know like that) and reading lots of talk on the internet, I think you really hit on a lot of great points.

  8. I have so many thoughts on them. I think Jon seems like a nice guy that married someone a bit too strong. And I know we’ll never know but I feel like Jon left his job against his own will. Like Kate pushed for it because more money was in books and the TV show. But I think she could have still had that had he worked.. it would be a hard balance but men are so tied to their identity and work and you take that away from a man who isn’t fully I invested in leaving his job then there’s a problem down the road. I even think Jon tried to hint at that and Kate just sort of talked over him and put on her “I’m doing everything for my kids.” As if to say he isn’t and I don’t think that’s true.

    Kate puts on a good front that she’s all about her children and such but her actions don’t show that. If your children are a top priority then you marriage should be something you work hard on, I don’t see that from her. I think she really needs to seek some sort of help in addressing her too often inappropriate way of talking to Jon. Is that how you want your kids to address people, friends, family.. and they partners one day? I also don’t see her connected to family or friends. Isn’t that odd? And at the birthday party I felt it was so weird that she never really seemed to mingle with the parents. If I had a birthday party for my child I’d be chatting up the parents and I felt like she talked to them but not really with them.

    I don’t know, I’m not a huge fan of hers and I think two people create problems and Kate’s role is big. I’m with you, I get signing up to do a show and make money for your large family but I think the money has eaten away at her and made her more of an @ss. It’s sad to watch.

  9. I really felt like Jon was totally having a mid-life crisis. They got married when he was 22 and now at barely 32 he has eight kids. He doesn't seem to want the responsibility. I just found it really sad, especially since the last episode I had watched during the marathon was their vow renewal and then the next one was Monday night's episode. I was hoping it was all a hype. But it obviously isn't. While I think Kate obviously had a huge role in these problems I found it terrible Jon was just gone and not even staying in the house.


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