July 19, 2009

finding "the one"

No, I'm not talking about boys. I'm talking about... bathing suits. Dreaded, awful, bathing suits (at least, this is how I feel about them).

I have hated bathing suit shopping pretty much for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, that's been a result of being unhappy with my shape; other times, that's been a result of not being able to find cute suits for women with actual bodies who can't wear tiny little things with zero support, like this:

Ali Larter, you're gorgeous, but we don't have much in common.

I usually go bathing suit shopping feeling hopeful, and leave feeling frustrated and annoyed. In the past few years, I have become very good at knowing the exact style and cut of two-pieces that work for me (a few of which I've actually successfully purchased at Target, which is awesome, because they're inexpensive), but I've had the hardest time finding a one-piece that doesn't suck. They either have no support, or so much support/fabric that I look like an old lady when I put them on.

I am here to tell you some pretty big news: I have found THE PERFECT ONE-PIECE BATHING SUIT. Now, it may not be perfect for everyone, but I tried it on and actually liked — no, loved — the way it looks on me! The way I look in it! The whole package! It's a miracle!

It certainly wasn't a cheap suit, but I see it as an investment, as it's surely (hopefully) something that will last me a few years. Allow me to present to you the perfect one-piece: the solid twist-front bandeau tank with removable halter strap from J.Crew.

I got mine in Navy blue, although I would have liked a brighter color (but none were available in my size by the time I ordered online). Nonetheless, I love how it fits, the material is soft but sturdy, and I love that it comes with the option of D-cup or long torso if you need either of those (I needed the former, if you must know). It has boning at the sides so it stays in place and doesn't roll down at all, and the detachable halter strap is great.

I know that J.Crew bathing suits have long been a favorite amongst women, but I, too, am now a strong believer in the quality of their swimwear. I can't wait to have the chance to wear mine.

Have you found the perfect swimsuit after a long search?


  1. Ooh love it! I especially love the navy, it's a bit unexpected since the black suits like that are so common. I have a black I.N.C. tankini that's been my staple forever (since freshman yr of college, so 10 years!). I can't believe how long it's lasted. I always covet the J. Crew suits, but even the long torso varieties are too short for me!

  2. I usually have the opposite problem -- I have a short torso -- so I am really pleased that their "regular" size isn't too long on me! The D-cup option is definitely the clincher for me, though. Finally, someone gets it!

    Although the navy wouldn't have been my first choice, it's growing on me -- it's really classic.

  3. I could totally picture you rocking that suit! (And I mean that in a 100% non-perverted way) Great choice!

    A couple of years ago I went on a cruise and bought two high-end one pieces from Saks. I still can't believe I spent more than $300 on those two suits but I love them, and I totally consider them a good investment. It's so hard to find good suits that when you find something you like, it's okay to splurge!

  4. My love of the J.Crew swimwear department is over many, many years. Their tankinis convinced me that I should try actual bikinis, and while I'm not the skinniest girl on the block, I find their suits well cut and very, very comfy to wear.

    That said, they seriously have the best/cutest selection of one-piece swimwear that I've seen: stylish, huge range of colors, and VERY well-made. Yours feels very vintage in a great way--I dare say it's very reminiscent of a pin-up suit!

  5. Love it! I've been wearing one pieces for years now because I hate the feeling of my swimsuit about to fall off at the beach...

    I picked up a great Michael Kors skirted maillot last week that has coverage and yet is still pretty flirty and classic.

    My all time favorite swimsuit though is very similar to your J. Crew. It's the Barcelona style by Miraclesuit and it provides tons of support but still looks very classy. It retails for over $150 but I found it on eBay and noticed that it's now selling on Eddie Bauer (on sale!).


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