July 25, 2009

on the turntable: Gillian Grassie

I listen to music all day while I'm at work, and sometimes I get bored with my usual repertoire. I've been listening to Pandora a lot lately in the hopes of discovering some new tunes, and while listening to a Priscilla Ahn station the other day, I came across Gillian Grassie (pronounced Jillian Grassy) singing a song called "Sweet Metallic." I immediately added "download Gillian Grassie" to my to-do list.

I couldn't find a "Sweet Metallic" video to share with you, but I did find this video of her performing the song "Silken String."

It turns out she is a Philadelphia native who went to Bryn Mawr (I used to work there over summer and winter breaks from college). I'm always excited to discover up-and-coming artists, especially local ones, and I am looking forward to listening to her album on repeat.

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