July 9, 2009

SYTYCD | week 5 elimination

What an opening number! "Seven Nation Army" choreographed by NappyTabs (wow, really??) was really unique and I thought it was pretty awesome. Very un-NappyTabs but very cool. And although he often irks me, Nigel looks pretty good for 60, I gotta say. Happy birthday, English Muffin.

Wowsers, surprised (but not upset) that Caitlin and Jason are in the bottom three. Although I thought they gave strong performances this week, I still don't think they're close to being the strongest couple, and of all the girls I think Caitlin is the weakest. I just didn't realize America would agree with me. Hmm.

Bummed that Jeanine and Phillip are in the bottom, but I saw it coming after that weird-ass Russian folk dance. Please don't send Jeanine home.... please don't send Jeanine home.... I was right about Melissa and Ade, as well. And I have to agree with Tyce (he actually said something that wasn't fluff) that Ade dropped the ball this week.

Uhhhhh the previews for season 6 coming in the fall just got my heart racing... So. EXCITED!

Of the solos, I felt like Caitlin's was lacking any emotion and Jason's seemed spastic and desperate, while the rest were very strong.... so I'm not surprised Caitlin was sent home, but it's funny that this is the first week that I kind of started to like her a little bit. Just a little. But I think the judges made the right decision. And as for the guys, not completely surprised that Phillip got the boot even though his solo was phenomenal (as usual). He just hasn't been strong enough throughout the season to stick around amongst more seasoned dancers, but it's been nice to see him really grow as a dancer.

It's a nice bonus for Caitlyn and Phillip that they'll be going on the tour, as Nigel announced after these two were eliminated. I don't think they could have done a tour without Phillip's insane moves!

Next week, bring on the top 10!!

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  1. I think the right people went home, and almost surprised that they didn't go home sooner. I always thought Caitlin looked a bit clunky in the partner dances. It will be interesting to see if Jason does better partnered with someone else.

    Phillip, I love, but he just could really do anything other than his own style. I think they just kept him around long enough to justify him making the tour. People will pay to see him, I think... he's very entertaining, and people like his personality!


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