July 2, 2009

SYTYCD | week 4 elimination

Awww, I enjoyed the opening number from "The Wiz." Nice little shout-out to MJ without being an all-out obvious "tribute." Those were some crazy costumes... why did they decide to make Kayla look naked? Moving on...

This week's bottom three were Karla and Vitolio (called it), Kayla and Kupono (srsly??), and Jeanine and Phillip (say what?). I guess I've lost my prediction mojo... or maybe I should have actually called in and voted for my faves. Hmph.

I am starting to love Jeanine and I'm kind of glad she got to perform her solo to remind us all of why she is here. She's quite spunky. I agree with the judges that Kayla's solo was a little erratic, but I also agree with their decision to send Karla home. It was definitely her time — I have been on the fence with her since the beginning and now that it's getting closer to the top 10, she just couldn't compete with the other girls.

Phillip's solo was crazy awesome, and I know he's definitely not the greatest dancer of the guys, but I'm glad he's sticking around. It's nice to see him learning and growing, and I just love his personality. Kupono's solo was definitely questionable, but he has clearly done an amazing job so far in his previous performances so I'm glad he's sticking around. Not surprised that Vitolio got sent home... he started to rub me the wrong way this week and I think he was losing popularity with the viewers.

Coming up next week: the top 12 perform! Oh boy oh boy oh boy...

PS- Kelly Clarkson sounded good, no? I admit to highly enjoying her new songs... so damn catchy.

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  1. so agree on kayla's outfit. wha?? and i must say i thought based on his routine, kupono should have gone home. and agree on jeanine. her solo rocked.


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