July 29, 2009

SYTYCD | top 6

I can hardly believe that the semi-finals are upon us and the finals are next week... this season has flown by! Let's see what the top 6 have in store for us this week.

Top 3 guys | Jazz | "True Romance"
Sonya never disappoints me. I don't think anyone else's brain would have ever come up with this concept and routine, but I loved it. I thought all three guys did a great job, even Ade who I've been not so impressed with lately. I have seen some Evan-hatin' out there in the last week or so but I still think he's been a really strong competitor. Hey, he may be a little goofy looking and not your typical "dancer," but I like him.

Top 3 girls | Contemporary | "Kick It"
So glad BOTH groups got Sonya numbers. And I am loving the superhero concept! Very apropos for these strong ladies. I felt like Kayla and Jeanine were really in sync with each other, but Melissa was a little off a few times that stood out to me. I absolutely loved this number, though (and how cute is Cat, wanting to be in their "gang"... teehee). Excellent way to round off the evening.


Jeanine and Ade | Samba | "LoveGame"
Suggestive yet classy, eh, Jeanine? Don't know if I'd go that far :-) Regardless, I thought this was a fun number with lots of personality. Jeanine turned up the heat (OMG am I starting to sound like Mary Murphy and her horribly cliché analogies?!), but once again, I'm just not as impressed with Ade as everyone else seems to be. I think any flaws in the performance were due to him being a weak partner. I hope Jeanine can recover from that.

Melissa and Evan | Broadway | "Get Me to The Church on Time"
These two definitely have the perfect "Broadway" quality for this number. Of course Evan is the pro but Melissa was also great as the bride. Lots of personality and fun and some great jumps... I'm not sure it's semi-finals-worthy, though. It was really cute. But it was kind of just another fluffy Tyce routine, no? Meh.

Kayla and Brandon | Contemporary | "All I Want"
Ooooh Stacey is back with her amazing choreography! And wow. This was really beautiful. THIS is what the semi-finals should be about, in terms of the choreography. These two were pretty much flawless and I think they were given something really challenging to work with. Plus — not that this has anything to do with their dancing — but how stunning was the contrast of their beautiful skin-tones? Truly gorgeous performance.

Jeanine and Ade | Hip Hop | "Move (If You Wanna)"
I love Jeanine's bad-ass hip hop face! Unfortunately, though, I just didn't feel like this choreography was on the level that the semi-finals should be. And that really makes me mad because I want Jeanine to win and I don't think she's been given great material/a great partner. I thought they did a good job (although I coudn't see Ade's face at all under that hat) and the box concept was clever. But it wasn't phenomenal.

Melissa and Evan | Quickstep | "As Long As I'm Singin'"
Ugh. Quickstep. Usually a kiss of death. I think they did a somewhat convincing job, although the timing seemed a little funky in some parts. Other parts looked a little forced and uncomfortable. Okay, so maybe not all that convincing after all. Not really entirely memorable for me. I think this will put them at risk.

Kayla and Brandon | Disco | "Dance (Disco Heat)"
These two seriously lucked out this week with really strong choreography. Disco can be tough if the couple is lacking in energy, but as long as the energy is there it's usually a crowd-pleaser. And the energy was flippin' ON tonight. These two have proven that they can master pretty much any style. Their synchronization was incredible and every move was incredibly tight and strong! Loved it.


Kayla | "You Found Me"
A little erratic there, Kayla. We all know she's a beautiful dancer with beautiful legs. Sometimes I just wish there were some more defined movements. But whatevs — girlfriend can dance, no question.

Ade | "18th Floor Balcony"
Definitely one of his better solos. I am kind of starting to feel like he has the Caitlyn-syndrome, though — strong solos, but not a good partner.

Melissa | "I Put a Spell On You"
Pretty. But I dunno. Could have used a bit more "oomph" and passion, if you asked me.

Brandon | "O'Fortuna"
Holy muscles. Boy is RIPPED. This solo was simply incredible and a reminder of why he's here and why he should most definitely be in the finals next week. I mean, COME ON. Standing ovation!

Jeanine | "Feedback"
Still the queen of solos for the ladies. So refined and polished and interesting without being frantic. She makes the best use of the 30 seconds of any other girl this season. Bring it home to the finals, girl!

Evan | "Lady Is a Tramp"
So cute, this dance was. Evan should just be on Broadway (hopefully he can sing?). It is clearly the style that suits him best and although he's grown a lot in this competition, it is obvious that this style is where he belongs.

- - - -

I kind of wish that the couples had been mixed up this week... so, like, Jeanine worked with Ade on one number and it would have been cool if she had another partner for the next dance. But I mostly don't really love Ade so I'm bummed that Jeanine didn't have as much to work with. But I also realize how hard that would be logistically to give them all adequate time to rehearse with two different partners.

I hope I'm blown away with all of the routines in next week's final, because the last few weeks have been somewhat mediocre for me. Come ON choreographers! Bring it on!

Who I'm voting for:

Who I think should go home:
Melissa and Ade

Until tomorrow night...!


  1. Agree with you on all points!

  2. i toally agree - I think that Brandon or Jeanine will bring it home in the finals, but Evan will get the most exposure and jobs from his efforts. He is the most unique dancer in the bunch by FAR!

  3. I think I'll just stop watching and come read your recaps! :) I did miss last night and my DVR spaced, so thank you for that!


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