July 15, 2009

SYTYCD | top 10 (woot, woot!)

I've been so busy over the last week that I can hardly believe it's Wednesday already! And here we are, welcoming the top 10 to the stage. I AM SO EXCITED! I think this season's top 10 really are the most deserving of the bunch that we've come to know this season, and I can't imagine the top 10 without them. (Although I still miss Ashley.) Let's see what these kids have in store for us!

Top 5 girls | Bollywood | "Dholna"
I love that the top 5 girls get to perform in a group number; Bollywood is such an energetic style that is perfect for this group of ladies. The only thing that makes it difficult with group numbers like this are knowing who is who when watching them on-screen, especially with the colorful costumes that cover up their hair combined with the zoomed out camera work. Actually, I thought the camera work overall was distracting... I could still tell that it was a great number, but just hard to focus on what was really going on.

Kayla and Evan | Viennese Waltz | "Kiss From a Rose"
Definitely not an ideal pair — the height difference certainly poses a problem (even with Kayla barefoot and Evan with a heel!) and this is where I find it hard to judge objectively... no professional choreographer would ever pair these two together. Regardless, I thought they did an impressive job and Evan had a lot of power behind his lifts. The Viennese Waltz can sometimes bore me but I thought this was decent, despite the horrid song (flashback to a high school era dance recital where another class danced to this song and I had to hear it at every performance/competition until my ears were bleeding. I. Hate. This. Song.)

Janette and Ade | Hip Hop | "Love Sex Magic"
I think these two were great for this number — I really liked the choreography and the interaction between them, although it wasn't the most challenging number. Janette has a lot of power and the height difference didn't bother me so much, and I feel like she always looks like she's having a blast. Sometimes their timing did seem slightly off, though (which I think might have been more Ade than Janette). Definitely not a groundbreaking number by any means, but I did like it.

Jeanine and Jason | Contemporary | "If It Kills Me"
Yes yes yes! What a spectacular pairing (we all know that I have a girl crush on Jeanine). SO excited that Travis is choreographing, and Oh. Em. GEEEEE! Absolutely chill-inducing and gorgeous. I don't think I've ever seen choreography so beautiful and fluid, and I agree with Nigel that it was made even better by the dancers who performed it. Everything Jeanine did seemed as light as air and Jason finally had his chance to shine. The passion was really raw and fierce. Definitely one of the most memorable numbers ever on this show.

Randi and Kupono | Paso Doble | "Dies Irae"
This style can be the kiss of death for some couples, and unfortunately I don't think these two are any exception. (And ugh, why the wig on Randi?) This number just felt stiff to me, and not in the good, strong, ballroom way. They had some okay moments, but overall I was unimpressed. The lifts looked painfully slow towards the end and Randi just looked uncomfortable. I agree with Nigel that there was no passion or chemistry.

Melissa and Brandon | Broadway | "Aquarius"
Hmm. Brandon must be shorter than I imagined or maybe Melissa is just way taller than I thought? Anyway... This was a really entertaining and well-executed number with interesting chereography. I thought Melissa kept character well and Brandon seemed a little over-done at times, but it was still "groovy," if I may say so.

Top 5 guys | African | "Balant Funk"
Ugh with the lights and the flashing the hard to focus. Aside from that, kind of surprised that the guys somewhat pulled this off. Seems absolutely insane that there is basically no counting, just rhythm, which has to be really, really hard to follow for 2+ minutes. I couldn't do it and I think they were very much in sync, although I noticed that Kupono and Jason seemed to lose steam at then end.


Brandon's solo | "In Your Eyes"
I think he is just excellent. That is all.

Randi | "Dream"
I want to like Randi and agree that she can sometimes dance "heavy," but I did not think her solo felt heavy at all. (Who is this Priscilla Ahn? Never heard this song before. I like.)

Kupono | "Marina Gasolina"
Oh Kupono. Your solos are just weird. This one was better than his last one. But I don't think it particularly showed off any amazing skill. Methinks his days are numbered.

Melissa | " Gabriel"
She is a beautiful dancer, but this solo wasn't her finest. I miss the naughty ballerina schtick. I wonder if the audience is growing bored with her.

Evan | "Zing Went The Strings of My Heart"
I love love love that he brings such a unique style to this competition. Sometimes after all the lyrical and contemporary numbers, you just need a little quirkiness with some great technique.

Kayla | "Rock Your Soul"
So glad she put her hair back for this solo. It's no surprise that she was spectacular, although I think she needs at least one solo that isn't so erratic and angsty.

Ade | "Unchained Melody"
Kind of an odd song choice for the style that he danced, and his goofy (but cute) grin just didn't go with the song. Meh.

Jeanine | "Violento"
I think homegirl has the best solos consistently in this competition. She is just absolutely flawless.

Jason | "Train Fare Home"
Cute number — it's rare that the solos are at all conceptual (aside from Evan's), so I enjoyed this little spark of charm.

Janette | "This Is Miami"
Girlfriend, where did your clothes go? Kidding... I like Janette, she's feisty. (But I have realized that her hair really bothers me. Not a good cut.) There is no question — she is a salsa dancer.

Who I'm voting for:
Brandon, Kayla, Jeanine, Evan

Who I think should go home:
Randi and Kupono

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