June 21, 2010

101 in 1001... revisited

I haven't been keeping you all as up-to-date on my 101 in 1001 list as I did when I first started working on it. My apologies... I have continued checking items off the list, but many of them have been smaller things that aren't necessarily blog-post-worthy. I'll continue to keep you posted when I tackle any of the larger items, I promise!

The list really has kept me motivated to follow through with my goals, and evaluate new goals that I want to set for myself. I decided to replace a few things on my original list, since they may not necessarily be things that are applicable to my life anymore (for instance, I no longer have the goal of taking new classes at the gym, because I no longer have a gym membership!). I also have some new goals that I thought were a bit more noteworthy. And once something is on the list, I really have to hold myself accountable to get it done.

See my entire revised list here... I've also listed my new additions below.

Additions/replacements - 2010

6. start a business (April 2010)
45. run a 5K race
53. write a manuscript (and submit to publishers)
77. attend Altitude Design Summit
81. attend a Making Things Happen seminar with Lara Casey

And a few notes....

6: I already did this one, but it's a doozy, so I thought it deserved a place on my list ;) It's honestly been a goal of mine for years, but I never thought it would realistically happen before I turned 30. It did, though, and I've never been happier.

45: Since I've actually been keeping up with C25K (albeit at a slower pace than the actual program), I have decided that I'm really going to follow through and sign up for a 5K race (probably in the early fall). As the most unathletic person on earth, I'm slightly terrified, but it's an exciting goal.

53. I have had an idea for a book for a few years now, but I can never find the time to write it. It's time to make the time and just do it. Holler.

77. This conference is right up my alley; I found out about it too late in the game last year, so I'm going to try really hard to get there this year!

81. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Lara Casey schedules more dates for MTH, and that I can afford to attend. She is an idol of mine who has accomplished so much so young, and I'd love to learn from her!


  1. Way to go Brooke! You're awesome :) I am right behind you (hmm maybe a couple weeks behind you) on the C25K train... doing the extended version as well :)

  2. Great additions! I would LOVE it if Lara did another MTH. I'm keeping my eyes peeled, too!


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