June 1, 2010

small shore town love

We had an absolutely delightful long weekend at our new family shore house... the kind of weekend where I forgot to take lots of pictures because I was too busy relaxing/laughing/stuffing my face. (Yeah, I have renamed the weekend Caloriefest 2010 and it was NOT good for my diet. Oh, well.)

I did manage to snag some photos of this gem of an ad for a local dive bar. Small shore town, I adore you.

It's true — their ATM is always broken. Now, that's honest advertising if I've ever seen it. And don't forget, they "got the greatest cheesesteaks," but you'll have to go to the end of the world (and then one block to the left) to get one. Fantastic.

This is pretty much what the rest of the weekend consisted of:

Nick dug holes. I lounged around with a great book and zero people coming between me and the ocean. Heavenly.


  1. a beach with zero people sounds ridiculous amazing! i'm so jealous


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