June 23, 2010

out with the old, in with the new

I bought myself some proper running shoes now that I'm taking this whole "physical activity" thing seriously. Aren't they pretty?

I won't even tell you how old my other shoes were... it's embarrassing how long I wore them (and how poorly they fit, which I didn't realize until now). My new kicks are Brooks Ravenna, and I feel like I'm wearing clouds on my feet! The Asics 1150 were a close second in my search, but they felt a little heavier, so the Brooks won out in the end. I got them a half size larger than my normal shoe size, which is what is recommended for running shoes.

I took them out for a test drive this morning, and they felt fantastic. They're not magical so I'm not quite running 5K yet, but once I do get there, hopefully my feet will be a little happier for having worn these! Now if someone could just tone down the freakin' HEAT in the northeast...

If you're in the Phillly metro area, I got these at the Bryn Mawr Running Company at 20% off, for a total of $79.00. I didn't find any cheaper pricing online, so they were a good deal for sure. And getting properly fitted at a specialty store is definitely the right way to go if you want the right fit.


  1. When I got a pair of "real" running shoes, I couldn't believe the difference they made! Like you said, they didn't make me magically run faster, but they definitely felt so much lighter and more comfortable on my feet. (P.S. To make you feel better about running in old sneaks, prior to purchasing my Asics, I had been wearing a pair of 3-year-old New Balances I bought at Kohls. They totally dug into my heel.)

  2. @Fatty File, I've got you beat! Mine were definitely older than 3 years old, and I got them at Lady Foot Locker (I don't remember anyone looking at my arch or recommending a good pair... I went with what I liked visually. Such a novice!).

  3. wow, definitely a good deal. i've heard nothing but good things about brooks (and asics, too, though).
    here is my confession: i go with running shoes based on reviews AND looks. i'm currently still using my 2-year-old nike shocks. not the worst shoe for working out, but certainly not the best. i hope your new brooks make you run like a jaguar :)


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