June 8, 2010

is your husband immature?

Mine is. This is what he does when mailing things to his parents (who, fortunately, have a good sense of humor):

photo courtesy of my mother-in-law

When writing me a check for the rent each month (no, we still haven't gotten our act together enough to organize our bills to pay from a joint checking account, shush), he also writes "*SEXUAL FAVORS*" in the memo line to embarrass me in front of the people at my bank.

Such a charmer, he is. Wherever did I find him?


  1. Haha that's awesome! I think my in-laws would have a heart attack if we tried that on them.

  2. I came up with my answer before I even read the post...just from the title.
    Thank god we have a joint account or I'm sure he would be doing something similar.

  3. Haha, love it!

    I once heard a story about a company that made a lot of money using a similar idea. They created a non-existent product, got people to pay for it, and then issued them all with refund checks, saying it was out of stock. The trick was that the company was called "Swedish Penis enlargement & co." (or something similar), which was named on the premise that customers would be too embarrassed to cash the check.

    Maybe that's what he's trying to do with the rent check...

  4. Actually that's an e-mail that got forwarded a thousand times for me before entitled "How to cultivate your insanity" or something like that that included a topic: "write in all your checks: 'sexual favors'"

  5. I'm sure the ladies in their post office enjoy it. I used to live there. They've got a sense of humor.

  6. HAHA! that. is. awesome. :)
    i can't remember my husband ever having done something like that, but he sure would appreciate it. guess he's immature, too ;)

  7. Mine is immature, but I think that he's immature in an awesome way that makes me laugh. :)
    I would laugh if someone send me an envelope with that written on it. :)

  8. I'm gonna recommend you start using the atm check deposit.... or... you write checks to him to pay bills!

    I think this post has given (my) Nick a few too many ideas. I'll expect an awkward check soon.

  9. I love getting a good LOL at work, thanks for that :)

  10. haha. I'm pretty sure our husbands could be friends. Although, I'm not going to give him any ideas with this post. He'd be at the post office tomorrow :)


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