June 22, 2010

flea market finds

On Sunday, we visited a huge flea market near Nick's parents' house (and "huge" may be an understatement; it's like nothing I've ever seen before). It is nothing short of awesome, and while I brought home a few treasures, there were many more that I left behind. As soon as we have more space, I can't wait to pick up more vintage goodness! (Nick is rolling his eyes as he reads this.)

I picked up this set of 3 children's books, published in 1959. No, we're not expecting, but I just couldn't resist the charming stories and illustrations (and they'll look cool in a baby's room someday!)

Apparently these books belonged to Ricky... should I call him?

We also found some cool old postcard books. I love the detailed illustrations and the colors; you just don't find postcards like this anymore.

What's your favorite flea market find?


  1. Oh my gosh I bought those same "Best in Children's Books" just a couple months ago at our big community booksale. Also grabbed some of my favorite Little Golden Books too!
    We're years away from planning a family but I couldn't resist either :)

  2. I am pretty sure all three of those books are stashed away in storage somewhere at my grandpa's house - I think my dad and his sister had them when they were little.

  3. Agreed on the postcards - when we were on our honeymoon I really wanted to get some great postcards and frame them (since I am not the most skilled photographer) but none of them were as awesome as old school postcards.

  4. I've started collecting old, interesting cameras from flea markets. I currently have 5 and bought them all at once for $20 (bargain!) but I'd like to get more.

    I also just bought a really cool antique fan that's gold and wiry. I'm sure it would kill someone if it actually worked, but it's really neat looking.

  5. I've been looking for a good flea market around here...can you share where it was? Thanks! ;)

  6. @Susan, it's about 2 hours from the Philly area, in Mechanicsburg. There is more info here: http://www.williamsgrove.com/ (scroll to the bottom!)

  7. My grandparents had all of those books! They belonged to my mom and i loved reading them as a kid! Great find!

  8. I had a ton of those books growing up. I LOVED them. I used to take them to school all the time to have the teacher read a story out of them. I think they are still at my mom's house.


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